V-Check vocabulary test
V-Check will test your knowledge of the 13,384 English words
that constitute 99% of all English vocabulary in use today.
Check your vocabulary ability!

V-Check (Free)!

Test your vocabulary ability!

The patented V-Check test is the most meaningful test of English ability available today because it precisely diagnoses which specific English words you already know, and which specific words you do not already know.

Sample images from the V-Check test.

V-Check will precisely measure your vocabulary ability. V-Check is an IRT-based Computer Adaptive Test developed by lexical research scientists at major universities.

You reply Yes or No to the question: "Do you know the meaning of this word?"

The test includes many false words to control for guessing behavior. If you guess, you will need to restart the test.

Some questions ask you to select the best definition for the word.

How accurate is my V-Check score?

Based on the latest research, V-Check is the most accurate vocabulary test available. The patented V-Check is designed to test for knowledge of 99% of all words in use today. Other vocabulary tests are based on the Word Family concept which is capable of testing only 75% of all words in use. Furthermore, V-Check is designed to adjust for normal guessing behavior. Provided you answer the V-Check questions accurately, your score will reveal precisely how many of the 13,384 most frequently occurring English words you already know. V-Check will also determine which specific words you do not fully know, and that information will be used to create a personal vocabulary course just for you.

V-Check Report

Your V-Check Report shows your current vocabulary size for General English as well as for other important subjects. V-Check also converts your vocabulary size into average TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS scores. After reviewing your scores, use WordEngine to quickly learn all of the important words you are missing for General English and the other subjects. The first V-Check score you see will be your provisional score. You must study approximately 45 minutes with WordEngine before V-Check issues a confirmed score. With V-Check, the words that you study will be precisely adjusted to meet your needs.

Improve performance and confidence!

University research proves WordEngine improves scores

Tests conducted with thousands of students prove that WordEngine dramatically increases test scores over traditional study methods. Even an average student can learn 99% of the words for a test in just 15 to 20 hours, and permanently memorize them all in 40 to 50 hours. WordEngine is easy for students to use, easy for schools to use, and it's low priced.

Teachers :

WordEngine is a supplemental self-directed study program. You do not need to change your existing classroom methods and curriculum. Hundreds of universities, schools, and corporations take advantage of our discounts. Contact Lexxica today to start a WordEngine trial program. It's easy to set up and operate, and it's highly effective.

Bigger vocabularies correlate strongly to higher test scores


This graph compares the TOEFL pbt scores of 7,316 students with their V-Check vocabulary scores. In this example, the student knows 5,960 words and the average TOEFL pbt score for people who know 5,960 words is 502. Take the free V-Check test and you'll see similar graphs for TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS.

WordEngine Main Features

  • Scientific Patented V-Check identifies your
    known and unknown words.
  • Jump Ahead V-Check lets you skip words that
    you already know perfectly.
  • Memorize Spaced repetition system develops long-term memory.
  • High Speed WordEngine promotes fast aural
    and visual comprehension.
  • Just 10 Minutes Set a completion date and study
    just 10 minutes a day.
  • Personal Coach Get friendly email hints and
    reminders to keep you on track!

Used by top universities and corporations

Top universities and corporations choose WordEngine because they want consistently strong results that can be measured. User comments

Access your same account on desktops and mobile devices

You can study anytime using either a desktop, tablet or smartphone. If you already have a registered WordEngine account, download the free app and login using your existing ID and Password. If you do not yet have a registered account, download the app, take the free V-Check test, and register your ID and Password. After the 7 day free trial, please buy a subscription through the App Store, or pay online using a desktop computer. Some users may have an access code which they got from a school bookstore. If you have an access code, enter that number using a desktop computer.

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Vocabulary is a key to success.
Check your vocabulary ability!

Check your vocabulary ability

V-CheckFreeFree English Vocabulary Test and a free trial period to experience the WordEngine study method. (Takes about 5 minutes)

Check your vocabulary ability

Free English Vocabulary Test and a free trial period to experience the WordEngine study method.
V-CheckFree(Takes about 5 minutes)